JAAG Coin is our digital currency developed for the community and its added value is the sustainability and usability of the currency.

We have focused on solving the financial inclusion problem of the world (see our Whitepaper) by applying blockchain technology for cross-border remittances, online payments, currency exchange and micro landing using JAAG Coin, without the volatility issues of existing non-stable coin cryptocurrencies.

The business seeks to harness the benefit of combining the distribution of crypto based products and investments along with the education and tools required to enable Capitalists to make informed choices.

JAAG Coin users can transfer currency via a blockchain peer-to-peer (P2P), using wallets kept on mobile phones or online browsers process which generates the usability of the coin.

JAAG has partnered with FORUS Global Digital Exchange and will fund lending to the FORUS Membership through the CloudFunder lending platform.  This platform will insure and secure the funds, and collect and remit the interest to the coin. This will all be done on the FORUS Public Utility Blockchain which will allow for transparency and security.

JAAG will generate returns for investors using a number of income generating activities, all underpinned by a solid educational framework.

The JAAG Coin is designed to disrupt business as usual in the cryptocurrency and financial sectors. However, the pioneers in the market like Bitcoin are not likely to get disrupted as they have already gained a huge recognition and the automated software applications such as the news spy software have been helping the investors trade Bitcoin easily. To succeed in automated trade, you should be able to find a reliable provider who is not only interested in your payment but also help you grow in the bitcoin trade.

We believe that together we are stronger and through our knowledge hub we support each other in growth.
Read our terms and conditions and contact us for more information.

Total supply
Premined coins
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All transactions made in our system are based on smart contract technology which significantly contributes to security of financial transaction. Transparency is a core component of the project.

The Challenge.

New entrants to the Cryptocurrency sector are vulnerable to bad practice. Accessible educational material and informed networks are key to a sustainable sector in the long term.

How do we create a network of members that can become trusted agents that understand and will be able to assist the public to engage in an informed manner, to know what to trust and be secure in the new technological era of transacting and distributed financial systems?

How do we design products that create systemically different outcomes to the current lending practices engaged in mainstream lending and investing globally that are exacerbating poverty?

Many communities are prevented from building prosperity due to lack of access to capital or education.  Many people have been economically excluded or fallen prey to predatory lending or investment practices.

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, linked by ever growing financial flows, more than a third of the global population is still financially excluded” Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), told an international forum on the issue in Mexico City in 2014.

The Solution.

JAAG is creating an Ecosystem model and a Network of professionals who will be trained and accredited to become JAAG products and services resellers and educators within their network.

We have created and developed a portfolio of projects that bring long term value and returns through the Ecosystem model.

The revenue generated is combined with mining revenue and investment income which is generated through the provision of ethically placed finance to previously unbanked sectors of the market and SMME’s.

Our strength also comes from strong partnership with the industrial-strength blockchain of the FORUS Global Digital Exchange, designed to facilitate real-time transactions and financial inclusion at scale to enabling lending platforms on the FORUS Platform and invest in lending solutions to raise capital for our communities.

Through our Network Platform www.jaag.network we are facilitating the building of a strong JAAG Community by creating further an ecosystem of solutions and business offerings for JAAG Coin holders. The majority of JAAG members are familiar with other digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Bitcoin trading experiences are robust, as it has become embedded in the financial sector due to the introduction of auto-trading software such as Bitcoin Trader krypto app. It will trade for you autonomously and help you profit on a daily basis.

Our projects.

Strategic partnership


The partnership with FORUS is of key strategic benefit to both platforms.

Educational Portal


A key component of the Solution is the Educational Portal of the company.

Smart Investments


Many structured investments that will generate returns for the JAAG Community.



JAAG Coin will fund lending on the FORUS CloudFunder Platform.

Global Ecosystems

World wide coverage

JAAG Coin is linked to JAAG Ecosystem and FORUS Ecosystem

Travel platform

Eco tourism

The possibility for our partners to participate as users of the Eco System Project

X11 Mining Program


Partnership with a fully operational mining farm in China.



JAAG will build and deploy its own network of ATMS which will be rolled out across Africa.



JAAG Coin is currently trading only on:


Dr. Ghefari Dulapandan
Dr. Ghefari DulapandanFounder & CEO
Josip Bosnic
Josip BosnicCOO
Szekely Andras
Szekely AndrasCTO
Adrian Necsoiu
Adrian NecsoiuCMO


Yasir Mirza
Yasir MirzaNetwork Marketing Specialist
M. Noman Durrani
M. Noman DurraniNetwork Marketing Specialist
Gianluca Gallo
Gianluca GalloNetwork Marketing Specialist
Althaf Hussain
Althaf HussainNetwork Marketing Specialist
Zuhel Ashuk
Zuhel AshukEntrepreneur
Maria Sike
Maria SikeNetwork Marketing Economist
Jeff McGeachie
Jeff McGeachieCompany Lawyer
Anthony Mitchell
Anthony MitchellStrategic Transformation Specialist


Together we are stronger! 


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